Who we are & What we do

Loudoun’s farming roots go deep—there’s a reason this county was called “The Breadbasket of the Revolution”—and no one is more in touch with those roots than my family who have lived and farmed here since 1797.  I, Donald Virts, come from 12 generations of Virginia farmers. I have kept and still keep these traditions close to my heart even as I change the methods of traditional Loudoun agriculture through future innovations. This is CEA (Controlled Environment Agriculture) Farms, and this is what Loudoun farming will look like in the near future.

Having been a traditional row crop farmer my whole life, and seeing firsthand the reliance on numerous chemicals used to grow crops in modern agriculture, I began to question the wisdom of putting so many chemicals in our bodies. That along with all of the economic challenges of farming in a county that’s experienced and experiencing major growth, I knew I  had to look farming right in the eyes.

That’s why I have been a pioneer in Loudoun agriculture, using cutting-edge technology to get more food from less land—and staying virtually chemical free in the process.

My commitment to this county is presenting you with sustainable farming that extends to renewable energy, which is taking place at CEA Farms.

I’m a believer in controlled-environment farming, I don’t need to use harmful chemicals. The food we grow is cleaner, safer, and more natural. And it tastes better. I can provide this produce year round.
— Donald Virts, Owner of CEA Farms