The Food 


A True Farm to Fork Experience

If you think CEA Farms sounds amazing, wait until you taste the final product. CEA Farms Grill, located on site in our beautiful post-and-beam facility with stunning views of Short Hill Mountain, provides a true farm-to-fork experience: virtually everything you enjoy, from succulent beef to mouth-watering ripe vegetables and sweet fruit, is raised and harvested right here.

The CEA Farms Grill is now open Tuesday through Sunday from 10am - 6pm. Our onsite kitchen is connected to our farm fresh market, where we prepare food directly from the vine to pan to plate in minutes. It doesn't get fresher than that.

Our Menu:

Everything you eat at the CEA Restaurant is healthy and all natural—and you know it’s fresh, because it’s grown right here.        

Our menu currently includes Pork BBQ, Cheeseburgers, Hot Dogs, sides, drinks and more.


Agro-Tourism and Educational Programs

The greenhouse offers an excellent working laboratory to teach kids and adults about the many advantages of growing foods in hydroponic environments.  We welcome groups of all types to come and experience the Farm firsthand.  Email us to arrange your visit.

 Students learn:

• How we can grow large amounts of food on small tracts of land

• How to conserve our natural resources

• How to reduce/eliminate chemicals in certain aspects of food production

• How to reduce the carbon footprint of the food we produce

• How to reduce the pollution associated with modern agriculture

• How to measure the savings from renewable energy