Food & Livestock

Our Food

The best thing about CEA is our abundance of excellent food! We grow lettuce, tomatoes, strawberries, squash, basil, beets, onions, peppers, cucumbers and kale. Because of our greenhouse growing and cultivating technique, we have been able to virtually eliminate all pesticide use. An insecticide may be used in extreme conditions, but it will be a small fraction of what is used in traditional commercial agriculture.

Our vertical lettuce rack system allows us to grow 360 fresh heads of lettuce every single week, and our vertical strawberry column system provides us with 2,688 plants bearing fresh strawberries year round. They grow up, not out, saving space and contributing to CEA’s goal of sustainability and environmental protection.

Our Livestock

At CEA Farms, we believe in caring for our livestock in the best surroundings possible. Our 200 head of cattle are raised on a 12 generation family farm located in Loudoun County, Virginia.
Our cattle are free to graze our pasture during the day. All of the corn we feed them in order to help marble the meat and add flavor is non-GMO (genetically modified organism) and raised here on the farm. We do not implant the cattle with hormones nor feed them antibiotics, like traditional feedlots. We use no commercial fertilizer since our cattle produce all the fertilizer we need.


Other Locations at CEA Farms

We are also thrilled to be producing our own shitake mushrooms and have an impressive plot of land where we are harvesting them.  We are well on our way to producing gorgeous delectable,  chemical-free mushrooms.



Image above: Shitake mushroom plot on the property

    Image above: Shitake mushroom plot on the property


Image above: Shitake mushroom plot on the property