The CEA Greenhouse

CEA Farms has a state-of-the-art greenhouse, outfitted with a Perlite growth medium, soluble fertilizer, and an elaborate temperature control system that serves the purpose of protecting the produce from the harsh outdoor elements.

What does it all add up to? Four times as much food with 30 percent less water from the same amount of land. That’s sustainability done right. And because the better part of our crop is produced in the greenhouse, you can have delectable, locally grown vegetables all year long.


Features Of Our Facility

Vertical Lettuce Rack System

• 360 heads of fresh lettuce per week—growing up, not out

Vertical Strawberry Column System

• 2,688 plants bearing fresh strawberries year round—growing up, not out, and saving valuable space

Root Trough System

• 4’ × 80’ trough to grow crops: carrots, onions, and beets

Dutch Bucket System

• 240 buckets growing 480 tomato, cucumber, squash, and pepper plants